Coaching slots are coming to VALORANT in Patch 2.08

Riot Games is embracing the esports scene in VALORANT’s next patch and finally adding coaching slots to the game.

Esports strategist Riley Yurk outlined the long-requested feature in a blog today. “As an esport, we continue to be excited at the prospect of coaches playing a larger role in matches and plan to provide more analytical tools in the future,” he said.

Coaching slots, which allow coaches to join custom matches, spectate their teams, and closely follow their actions, are a staple of games like Counter-Strike where a sixth man is known to call the shots. 

Riot sees the coach and player “relationship” as an “important dynamic” of VALORANT and aims to “solidify” its plans by communicating with players (specifically in-game leaders) and coaches in the “near future.”

A “foundation” of this new feature, which Riot plans to “continuously innovate on,” is expected to join the game in Patch 2.08, coinciding with the release of Act Three on Wednesday, April 28. 

“We look forward to evolving coaching and its supporting features with help from VCT participants,” Riot said.