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Following a disappointing First Strike Korea Regional Final, coming in as favourites to reach the finals and failing to make it past the quarterfinals, changes have come to the T1 Korea lineup. Three members – Jeong  “Esperanza” Jin-cheol, Choi  “10X” Jin-woo, and Kim “Harry” Han-gyu – have announced that they’re looking for new opportunities.

Esperanza has functioned as T1 Korea’s Breach player since the roster’s signing, putting up 183 ACS and 0.99 KD throughout his recorded matches. 10X has typically run the Sova or Omen, with stats of 217 ACS and 1.18 KD, and Harry, a newer member of the team officially added at the beginning of November, has been the team’s Sentinel, with 190 ACS and 1.16 KD.

While likely the weakest rifler on the team, Esperanza had moments of brilliance and contributed a lot in terms of shotcalling for the team. 10X was a very consistent presence, and Harry’s ability to lock down sites, perhaps best compared to Jason  “neptune” Tran in North America, won plenty of rounds on his own.

While it is somewhat disappointing to see a team with as high highs as T1 Korea had fall apart, it was also inevitable considering the trajectory the roster was on. It is also worth noting that the players have not officially been released by T1, and may stay on, but it is very unlikely. T1 Korea will now look to rebuild for 2021 around Jett Ye “Anaks” Sang-jun and Omen/Raze Kim  “ROK3T” Ju-yeong.


T1 Korea is now:

Kim “ROK3T” Ju-yeong
Ye “Anaks” Sang-jun
Jeong “Esperanza” Jin-cheol (Inactive)
Choi “10X” Jin-woo (Inactive)
Kim “Harry’ Han-kyu (Inactive)

Yoo “Locomotive” Jung-sun (Coach)