C0M and Frisco moved to Complexity’s inactive roster | VALORANT NEWS

Following an extremely poor performance in the PULSE Series, Complexity have moved Corbin “C0M” Lee and Cody”Frisco” Day to their inactive roster.

It has been a tough run for Complexity, following their expansion into the VALORANT scene in July. While their roster has shown flashes of brilliance, success has ultimately been hard to come by. The team failed to advance from the group stage in either the PAX Arena VALORANT Invitational or the FaZe Clan VALORANT Invitational, the two Ignition Series events they’ve participated in, while also falling very short in the 30Bomb: Summer Cup – 2020 and the Knights Invitational Gauntlet Series.

Their latest tournament, the PULSE Series, was disastrous. Rated as one of the best teams in the tournament coming in, Complexity finished last in their group, failing to win a game up against China Nguyen, Second Wind, and Spot Up. Many of Complexity’s players expressed frustration and disappointment after the event. It felt as if changes were imminent, and today we have them in the benching of these players.

“We’re thankful to C0M and Frisco for their time with our squad, but we’ve decided roster changes are necessary to move the team in the right direction as we continue to seek improvement in VALORANT,” Jason Lake, CEO of Complexity, commented for THESPIKE.GG.

Frisco served as the team’s primary smoker, while C0M typically played Sova for the squad. C0M has announced he will be searching for a new team. Frisco has not yet made any statement on the matter.