Built By Gamers officially sign Bjor and Will, part ways with Nicolas | VALORANT NEWS

During most of his VALORANT career, Bjor was mainly playing as Sage, and then switched the role to the controller, and picked Cypher more frequently. With BBG, though, we could see him playing as Killjoy. With her, he was able to pull 236 ACS and 154.3 ADR across 60 rounds.

When it comes to Will, he used to play with ascend where has usually been using Duelists such as Raze and Reyna. His position will remain the same in the new team, so we will for sure see him adding the needed firepower to the squad. Before his switch into VALORANT, he has been an active Counter-Strike: Global Offensive semi-professional, who played quite a lot of ESEA and Mountain Dew League tournaments.

Even though the last change was not officially announced by BBG, Joe “SpringLane” Kaus, confirmed to THESPIKE.GG that Nicolas “Nicolas” Aubin is no longer part of the team.

“We decided to part ways with Nicolas after Tork stepped down due for personal reasons because the team felt like we needed a change. Something wasn’t working with the roster we had and the play style we had been running. We’ve been back at the drawing boards ever since we parted ways with Nicolas to restructure our roster and get back to the top.”

This means one more spot remains open to the last member who will eventually fill the needed space in the roster. The organization confirmed the trial of several players, and as First Strike is approaching in North America, with First Strike North America – NSG Tournament – Qualifier being the first one on the line, we should see some new faces playing alongside the BBG team before the final decision will be announced.

Currently Built By Gamers’ roster consists of:

Mike “pho” Panza
Rob “rob-wiz” Kennedy
Joseph “Bjor” Bjorklund
William “Will” Cheng