Bug in Phoenix’s Ultimate Ability

The hot-headed Agent of Valorant Phoenix has a glitch with his ultimate ability. For the bug, the ability is throwing the enemies in a loop top track him.

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Picture Courtesy – Reddit

The ultimate ability of Phoenix is he mark his location on the map. When the ability is on, if he dies of the timer will expire then this ability brings him back to the initial position with full health. But now a strange bug can happen that if the ability expires that make him completely invisible.

Players have encountered this problem more than one time in a single match. The Agent has one of the best abilities in the game.

A user, ‘World_of_tech‘, posted a video clip, there we can see hiding from an enemy Phoenix. When the player is confident that the haunting enemies passed through their location, they go out to identify the initial marked position of Phoenix, where he will reappear.

Though this process is risky, for the 1v1 game this is a perfect way. But for World_of_tech these were a swirl that makes his perfect outplay to imperfect.

When did phoenix got this buff , happend twice in the same match from r/VALORANT

To humiliate the enemies after taking the knives our, players found that Phoenix was not there. Though the eventual spike and the gum of the Agent could be seen, the actual Agent was invisible from the battleground. For a moment, after expiring the ultimate ability there was nothing in front of the Brimstone as the mark was disappeared and the players didn’t have any skin weapons to fight with them.

After sometimes, a floating Spectre appeared and going to the site before switching of Spike. They excluding the shots to an invisible aim and lose the round eventually.

In Valorant there is an Agent, Reyna, the latest addition, who can invisible from the battleground but for Phoenix this is not the desired ability. Players should not use the bus as an advantage as the cause of the bug is unknown to us.

If many players will be encountered with this problem then maybe Riot will fix this bug with the addition of competitive ranking mode.

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