Brimstone’s Smokes turned into wallhacks in Valorant

A set with Brimstone gives the players a significant advantage in the game to make the vision of attacking Agent obscure and it is called “broken”.

In most of the FPS games, one-way smokes are there that give an advantage to the player who sets the angle in terms of vision. Most of the lineups are dependent on the concept of obscure the vision of yourself, though there are some examples in which the abilities with the effects of smoke give the players vision similar to wall-hack in Valorant.

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Brimstone wall-hack

The smoke of Brimstone is designed in a special way, a thin layer is there where the transitions of the screen from being covered by the use to clear because you are in the out of the vision range. In this particular layer, players can’t see anything properly, the vision is not clear, but there are many ways to see the other sides. In the same spot, there is another bug for the Viper glitch in the time of the closed beta period gives a similar ability to Brimstone for wall-hack. Though the using method is not practical always.

Brimstone wall-hack
Image Courtesy – Polygon

A user ‘MykWan’ said that if you are situated at the correct level, then it can be done in lots of places in different maps present in the game. Also, he said, those players who walk through the smoke they cannot see anything, but you can easily see everything inside and outside of the smoke.

Broken one way brim smoke from r/VALORANT

The interaction with the surface of Sky Smoke could playoff because it seems like one side is cleared by them to see another side. A situation may arise where enemies are pushing to a smoked area and they cannot see anything.