Brimstone player highlights molly lineup on Ascent in VALORANT

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Brimstone is a viable agent in VALORANT when used correctly—and his molly ability can help prevent enemy advancements or rotations. The molly can also be used to avoid a spike defuse or at least buy a few seconds for the attacking team.

A VALORANT player recently found a useful molly lineup on Ascent that can help Brimstone players after planting the spike. 

Attacking teams will typically plant in front of the generator on A site on Ascent, but this isn’t always possible. Sometimes, defenders will force players to plant deeper in the site or beside the generator, which can be challenging to defend against retakes. But a new molly lineup can help protect the spike once it’s planted. 

Brimstone must stand in the back corner of A lobby, directly on top of a small vent. Players must then line up the launcher with the corner of a building and fire the molly just above the corner. If done correctly, the molly will land between the generator and wall and cover the entire area in flames. 

The molly doesn’t do enough damage to kill an enemy with full health, but it can eliminate opponents with low health. This strategy won’t always secure an easy kill, but it can help buy enough time for attackers to reposition or cause the defending team to run out of time. 

Players can’t hear the defuse from this position, so coordinating with a teammate on site is a good idea or move toward the site if there’s still time for the defenders to defuse the spike.