Brazilian pro JhoW leaves Gamelanders | VALORANT NEWS

After winning a number of Brazilian tournaments for Gamelanders including First Strike Brazil Regional Final, Jonathan  “JhoW” Glória has left Gamelanders.

Seen as one of the best teams in Brazil, Gamelanders were virtually unstoppable throughout 2020 winning seven titles before their reign was eventually halted by Team Vikings at the Stage 1 Masters Grand Final where they lost in a straight 3-0 scoreline.

Most recently, the team failed to earn one of Brazil’s two Stage 2 Masters spots after falling in the Challengers Finals to Sharks Esports and Havan Liberty to finish down in joint fifth. Now, two weeks after this matchup Gamelanders have opted to make their first change since the roster was picked up in June 2020 as JhoW leaves the roster.

In the team JhoW had been the lowest rated player at 0.82 and with an ACS of 170 likely leading to the change. Furthermore, across the two previous losses against Sharks and Haven he achieved combined K/D/As of 15/34/6 and 29/48/21 on the agents of Omen and Cypher showing that he was struggling.

Going forward it is currently unclear what’s in store for both JhoW or Gamelander’s future as GL aims to regain their lost dominance in the region.

With that, Gamelanders are now:

Leonardo “mwzera” Serrati
Walney “Jonn” Reis
Guilherme “Nyang” Coelho
Fernando “fznnn” Cerqueira

Felipe “Katraka” Carvajal (coach)