Brazil gear up for the regional competition with First Strike | VALORANT NEWS

October started with a lot of exciting news for the competitive community of VALORANT. With the end of the Ignition Series, followed by the announcement of First Strike, the teams began the preparation for the next step at the highest level of competition. Earlier today, the first regional tournaments started in South Korea, and now Brazil has revealed more details about the First Strike competition happening in its region.

Priorior to the First Strike Regional Finals we will have four qualifiers. Registration will be open to all players with a minimum rank of Immortal 1. Each one of the qualifiers will host a maximum of 512 teams and will be played in a best-of-1 format, with the top 8 advancing to the next stage of the tournament after best-of-3 matches.

In total, 32 teams will battle each other in the Final Qualifier, where again, the best 8 teams will advance to the last stage of the competition, which is the Regional Finals. The Final Qualifier will be entirely played in a best-of-3 format, with single elimination brackets.

The qualifiers will occur every Saturday and Sunday starting with the first one next weekend, on October 17th, 2020. The last one will be played on November 7th, 2020, followed by the Final Qualifier happening one week after on November 14th, 2020.

The registration to the first event will begin on October 12th, 2020, with the link being provided via official social media channels of VALORANT Brasil.

The First Strike Regional Finals, similar to the Final Qualifier, will be played in a single-elimination bracket and best-of-3 system, with the final game being played in a best-of-5. This will be for sure an interesting event to watch, especially after the announcement of the new map, Icebox, coming soon to the game with VALORANT Act III.

The final phase of the Brazilian competition will last four days, with quarterfinals being scheduled for December 3rd and 4th (two series’ per day), semifinals on December 5th, and the grand finals on December 6th, 2020.

Brazil was one of the eight regions introduced by the developers with the announcement of First Strike. However, during an interview with the Global VALORANT Esports Strategy Lead, Kasra Jafroodi, some confusion arose as Latin America was highlighted as a Major region, while not being on the previously released list. This spot might be taken by Brazil instead. Whether there was just a small misunderstanding or not, Brazil is without a doubt one of the regions that people should pay attention to aside from Europe and North America. The region is constantly developing its VALORANT esports scene, with the recent signing of the squads that will play under B4 eSports and Vivo Keyd banners and Furia’s CEO promising investment in the scene when “the time is right”. Are you waiting to see more action from the Brazilian region? Let us know!