Better report function is needed to stall sexual harassment in Valorant

As we all know that in every field there are some bad people and also some good people. The problem of the player behavior in Valorant during the matches has hardly improved because of some players, so players are now demanding a more improved report function for the problem of sexual harassment.

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Anna ‘SuperCakes’ Donlon, Executive Producer of Valorant responded in a post by a Riot employee ‘Greenily’ that Riot is doing and improving a system for the problem of bullying and harassment in May.

A user, ‘GreatfulLOL’ said that many players including her have faced much sexual harassment while playing the matches. For cheating, there is a punishment which is the hardware ID ban, but there is no such punishment for sexual harassment.

Advanced report function for sexual harassment in Valorant

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GreatfulLOL also said that they have seen how Riot Games took the actions against the hackers and the cheaters but she feels like also for this issue there should be some strict action by the company. Also, people threatened that they are going to find her and r*pe her. So, they should be banned right then and there from the game.

Many people are using free software like OBS to record the gameplay so that they have proof about the abusive movements.

“Just mute and report” isn’t an acceptable response to sexual harassment. I want hardware ID bans like the cheaters. from r/VALORANT

SuperCakes said in the report of in-game players of the company, that they can’t solve the problems or the thinking process of the society and these issues are really getting embedded.

Although Riot is committed to taking action about sexual harassment and the problem of bullying, so now the community is hoping and looking forward to seeing what Riot can actually do to solve this problem.