Best Weapons in Valorant Tier List

Valorant still in its early stages level contrasted with Overwatch and CS:GO, yet a decent weapon meta shaping is there. Here is a full guide of the weapons that you ought to use to accomplish a serious edge.

Starting at now, there are 17 firearms to browse the store for the players, and everyone have something other than what’s expected in their rundown. There is a firearm for each circumstance to contend and furthermore for each aptitude level. On the off chance that anybody needs to beat the opposition and accomplish the triumphant titles, you will need to spend hard-earned Credits on the best firearm to play the game with a magnificent level.

Here such firearms are superior to the others, realizing which weapon subjects can somewhat precarious on occasion. Luckily, we have dotted down a helpful rundown that covers all the firearm weapons accessible now in Valorant and positions them on their ease of use and generally speaking harm.


Sheriff (800 Creds)

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This is the costliest Sidearm in Valorant. While the underlying expense for section may put off a ton of players, the high harm makes up more than for this – when targets are inside 0-30 meters this gun can even outflank the essential weapons.

Just a set cautiously headshot is required for the correct objective. While three body shots will bring any contenders to an abrupt halt. For whatever length of time that you can deal with the high force of Sheriff, you will have the option to get a lot of early-game kill in a matter of moments.

Ghost (500 Creds)

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As the name proposes, the Ghost offers a progressively covert choice for those looking to quietly bring down their adversaries. At face esteem, the Ghost may seem, by all accounts, to be much more vulnerable than the Sheriff, yet it’s a staggeringly lenient 15-round magazine and good fire rate (6.75 rounds/sec) permit players to rapidly use adjusts when they need them the most.

Frenzy (400 Creds)

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In the event that a run-and-weapon approach is more your thing, at that point think about getting the Frenzy. This extremely quick Sidearm is the main completely programmed gun in the game, making it a well-known pick among those that want to overpower their enemies with a cloudiness of lethal slugs. The Frenzy can regurgitate 10 rounds/sec.

Shorty (200 Creds)

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The Shorty is apparently one of the most fulfilling and agonizingly disappointing Sidearms to use in the game. Because of its inconceivably short-run, two-round magazine, the Shorty is best utilized as a snare style weapon.

Classic (Free)

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This free sidearm is Valorant’s most essential Sidearm, offering next to no regarding by and large harm and precision — indeed, the Classic is dominated factually by each gun recorded previously.


Specture (1,600 Creds)

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In the event that the Vandal and Phantom are out of your value range, or you just wish to get into the main part of a battle, at that point think about buying the Specter.

Stinger (1,000 Creds)

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The Stinger is seemingly one of the most exceedingly awful weapons in the whole game because of its unimaginably high slug spread dreary shot harm and low precision. In spite of having another fire mode that permits the Stinger to convey controlled four-round blasts, it’s frequently best to renounce any extended commitment out and out.


Vandal (2,900 Creds)

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While the Vandal versus Phantom discussion has seethed on since Valorant’s shut beta, we accept the Vandal offers a lot more noteworthy murder possible gratitude to its capacity to erase rivals with only one shot to the head (with no drop-off separation).

Phantom (2,900 Creds)

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The Phantom may not bargain as much harm as the Vandal, however it’s general precision and high fire rate can snuff the life out of even the hardiest of enemies. Furnished with a silencer and 30-round magazine, the Phantom is an outright laser in short to medium range firefights.

Guardian (2,700 Creds)

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This quick firing rifle sneaks up all of a sudden, managing an incredible 65 body shot harm and a skull-breaking 195 headshot harm. Shockingly, it simply passed up joining the Phantom and Vandal at the highest point of the leader board because of its slower pace of fire

Bulldog (2,100 Creds)

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While the Bulldog may have the least harm profile in the Rifle classification, it more than compensates for this without breaking a sweat of utilization.


Judge (1,500 Creds)

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This completely programmed shotgun is the best choice for those that basically wish to surge onto the goal and plant the Spike rapidly. While it’s harm might be lower than that of the Bucky, it’s a high pace of fire permits players to reliably pepper focuses with no genuine vacation.

Bucky (900 Creds)

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Try not to be tricked by Bucky’s modest value point (900 Creds), as this shotgun sneaks up all of a sudden. The Bucky’s five-round clasp might be lower than that of the Judge, yet its general harm is a lot higher, giving you a lot of chances to rapidly drop short proximity adversaries before reloading.


Odin (3,200 Creds)

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On the off chance that you need to entertain the concept of going down and smothering the adversaries with a hail of slugs. At the point when you have to grasp out a nearby game at that point it’s ready to get out troublesome campers and furthermore lockdown adversary positions which is gainful for any group.

Ares (1,600 Creds)

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This feisty Heavy Ares is equipped for getting the players their knees, this named after the Greek ‘Divine force of War’.

Expert marksmen:

Operator (4,500 Creds)

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This offers the most single-shot harm in the game. It permits players to send the contrary number to the side-lines with one deadly round to the head or body. Whenever required, it gives you the possibility for Dual Zoom Mode (2.5x or 5x) to arrange the shots. One thing you need to remember that you ought not miss the principal hit as the moderate fire rate can leave you helpless.

Marshall (1,100 Creds)

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This is the nimblest gun of Valorant. On the off chance that you make certain about the land headshot you can pick Marshall with a 2.5x degree and five-round magazine. Despite the fact that it requires more accuracy than the Operator.

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