Best Valorant Agents in Unrated and Ranked

In Valorant there is every character to suit every playstyle, but which Agent is suitable in Competitive and Unrated modes is a big question. Let’s make it simple for you.

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This is the tricky work in Valorant to find the perfect Agent. There are a total of 11 different Agents, and choosing between them is difficult for the players. Many factors are there to consider while choosing the Agents. A general thumb rule is between four Agent types: Duelist, Initiator, Controller, and Sentinel you will be inclined.

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Between these certain characters which set of abilities of characters will perfectly suit the gameplay of the players that we need to find out. But if there are more, the stats told us all about the agents and the abilities and which is at the top of the leader board in Unrated matches or which Agent will give us benefit in ranked mode?

Best Agent to use in Unrated mode

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If we look at the leader board and want to find which character makes the most impact in the game, undoubtedly Reyna took the lead. If you are looking for pub stomp and to chalk up a high score then Reyna is the perfect suit for that with her Average score and boasting the highest K/D/A.

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In the time to lead and win the game Initiators and Controllers come into their own zone. The win rate of Viper is 51.9% and Breach is 51.1% in the win rate. While Duelists are the best choice for the high score, in win rate they have the least impact in winning matches, with the average win rate of 49.7%.

Best Agent to use in Ranked mode

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According to immortal rank paints match filtering is a very different picture. While Duelists dominate the stats with the Average score, Viper is not in that picture to get the pick position as the most important Agent in winning games. In fact, Viper is the worst Agent to select as she has a win rate of 36.7%. Breach has a win rate of 62.2%, he is the clear winner here.

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And also, Sage, Omen, Brimstone all have the majority of winning of their games. If you want to find out the most lethal one to Immortal and beyond, then Raze is a great choice. But to maximize the winning chances you should pick Brimstone, Breach, and Sage.

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