Best Map spots and Agent tricks in Valorant

Competitive mode means that in-game you have to one step forward than your competitor, and these simple tricks will help you to rank yourself in Valorant easily.

There are a lot of funny businesses in Valorant that Riot will take care of such as poor net code and low tick-rate servers, often it happens that in Valorant wins are attained by the finest of margins. If you are thinking about to grind the matches in Valorant or looking to grab the ultimate Radiant rank, then these tricks will help you throughout the game.

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Headshot angles

The headshot angle is very crucial for those who want to out-smart the enemies and have to gran the split-second advantage. Most damage can be done by hitting between the eyes on the enemies.

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If you can keep track of where they are going on the map then it will be very helpful. You can go to’s headshot gallery for more references.

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So, if you want to play the game and give it a shot to take it to the next level then these tips will help you in-game. 

Agent tips and tricks

Valorant is an FPS shooter game, there are many characters from which you have to choose one, but there must be a picky or favorite one of yours that you will pick most of the time. So, its important to know everything about all the Agents how they can work and all the functionalities of all the Agents.

If you want to play with Cypher for the Spycam or Sova for the arrow lineups, the video library of has covered more than 700 tricks that you can choose from.

For example, you can look at the cross-map Breach Aftershock on Ascent, which is better to support your teammates in the game.

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