Best Guns and Weapons in Valorant

In the game Valorant there are lots of guns, Pistol, Weapons, Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Shotguns, Machine Guns are there. Players have to buy these in their price range that will help then to overpower the enemies.

Also, the weapon damage in Valorant stats, which comprise an important part in the players. The merely number of guns and the time to kill makes the game harder to understand for the beginners.

Weapon recommendations and weapon damage:

In the play time of Valorant you have to take care of your economy to continue with the rest of the game and to achieve success. In the first-round players have limited cash and only they can purchase a pistol.

From the starting point of the game we have to build a strategy how to use the weapons and how to play. Because you have to disrupt the enemy team by also saving your money. If you can survive in one stage and you didn’t use the weapon you have purchased it will be with you in the next round also, but if you die you will loose it and also the money you have spent for the weapon. The process of each weapons is very different from each other. The most effective weapons are costing more than the cheap one but it’s less powerful marginally. An assault riffle or a strong SMG or a pistol is most desirable, but have enough money you can get a sniper.

It is important to spend the money wisely; the starting round can be players by only using pistol. You have to always take a note how much money you have lest for playing the next round and to purchase the weapon.

The players those who are not familiar to Counter Strike they are not familiar with weapon damage. Some basic rules are there – more damage will be there for headshots, less will be for body shots and hardly any with leg shots. Some points are there which you have to keep in mind –

  • At the starting time each player has 100 health and can add 25 or 50 hits by purchasing light or heavy weapons at the starting point. It means if you have got a heavy weapon you can have 150 damage.
  • Agents like Reyna and Sage can restore health and have the ability to heal, but many times if you lose your life, it is the final call, If you take 100, 125 or 150 at one time you’re dead.
  • Also bullet presentation is there, if you know that an enemy is hiding on the other side of a box or standing at the corner, try to shoot through the wall with a weapon to take them out.

Ghost: Best Pistol Recommendation

With the pistol you can start your game, but must not oversee it. Ghost is our favourite and recommended gum in the game. Ghost is a force to be calculated with every situation. One headshot is enough to kill an enemy between a mid-range. It damages excellently. But thing to remember is if you start firing multiple shots then Ghost will start losing its accuracy quickly. It is cheap, only 500 credits needed. For economy round it is the perfect tool. You can easily get the drip on someone using Ghost.

The penetration of Ghost is medium, the mug size of it is 15. Under 30m and over 30 m the body damage is 30 and 25. For headshot damage it is 105 and 87, and lastly for leg damage it is 25 and 21.

Spectre: Best SMG Recommendation:

After the Ghost, the next step will be Spectre, between pistol and mainstay it is a good gap. It is great for headshots in close and mid-range. The silenced spray of Spectre can quickly cut off group of enemies. The Alt fire of SMG is ADS, slight speed reduction. The penetration is low and the mug size is 30. Under 20m and over 20 m the body damage is 26 and 22. For headshot damage it is 78 and 66, and lastly for leg damage it is 22and 18.

Vandal: Best Assault Rifle Recommendation:

This is the AK-47 in Valorant. Leathal headshots at any distance and position, Over Phantom this is the best. It really depends on the play style of yours how you can manage it. But it is difficult to manage for burst close range firelight than Phantom. The Alt fire of Phantom is ADS, slight speed reduction. The penetration is medium and the mug size is 25. The body damage is 39. For headshot damage it is 156, and lastly for leg damage it is 33.

Operator: Best Sniper Riffle Recommendation:

The Alt fire of Phantom is ADS, significant speed reduction. The penetration is high and the mug size is 5. The body damage is 150. For headshot damage it is 255, and lastly for leg damage it is 127.

It is the go-to spiner, by which lethal shots in the head or body at any distance can be done. 4,500 credits are needed for it. For winning and to secure victory, it should be the ultimate choice.

Other Recommended Weapons:

The lest weapons are depending on the current situation and how you want to play the game.

These are,

Bulldog – Like assault rifle, the damage of it is not comparable. It turns into a burst-fire weapon in the time of aiming. For less economy it is the best to have. The Alt fire of Bulldog is ADS, 3 round bursts. The penetration is medium and the mug size is 24. The body damage is 35. For headshot damage it is 116, and lastly for leg damage it is 30.

Guardian – This offers a semi-automatic fire rate; it also uses headshots to kill enemies. The Alt fire of Guardian is ADS, slight speed reduction. The penetration is medium and the mug size is 12. The body damage is 65. For headshot damage it is 195, and lastly for leg damage it is 49. Also, there are Bucky, Judge, Ares and Odin.

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