Best Agent for Valorant in Solo Ranked

If you are trying to reach to the peal position of the competitive mode of Valorant through grinding by yourself, then it may be rough for you. Here is the breakdown guide for the Agent tier list, it will help to reach your goal in Valorant.

In Valorant every player should play the match as team-play, but the solo games are not following this rule. In the ranked matches you will shine better if you have an Agent with long life, clutch up power, and enough tool to hold whenever needed in the Reactor site. All agents are good and designed that way to provide you all the possible features, but some Agents are there who are fitted better in a particular situation than others.

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This ranking list is not about who is the best Agent in the game, but the abilities of the characters, which will help you a lot in the game if you use it in a right way in terms of the Agent’s abilities. In the game, you can go with your team, but also you can go as a solo team with the one-man army, you. In this situation which Agent is better in Riot Games‘ Valorant and which is not?

We divide this into four tiers:

Agents in Valorant

•             S-Tier

•             A-Tire

•             B-Tier

•             C-Tier

S-Tier: Raze

Image courtesy: Versus eSports

The kit of Raze is filled with lethal abilities which perfectly suits S-Tier ranks for the solo queue Agents. Valorant is an FPS shooter game, aiming is the vital part of the game. During the closed beta period, one developer of Riot Games said that Raze is used to threaten the enemies by giving them punishment in some predictable positions. Not only the abilities of Raze give her the best dynamism, but also her moves can easily deal with a deadly blow. Raze have some heat which is very difficult to handle in any rank.

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  • Black Pack: This is the optional ability. Can throw C4 and helps to trigger.
  • Showstopper: This is the ultimate ability. A large area can be damaged using a launcher like a rocket.
  • Boom Bot: This is an optional ability. This can damage the enemies and also can walk over the floor.
  • Paint Shells: This an in-built ability, which damage and can throw a grenade.

S-Tier: Sage


There are some consistencies in the tier lists. S-Tier Sage plays a top role for the all-rounder characteristics of her with the Slow orbs and the healing power to make the players alive. The players got their hands-on sage so Riot already balanced her abilities and kits. The Resurrection ability is a game-changing ability that can bring a player back by the economy, and also a weapon they will move forward to the next round also.


  • Healing Orb: This can heal friends not instantly but over the time.
  • Barrier Orb: Can place a wall.
  • Slow Orb: Can slow down the enemies.
  • Resurrection: This ultimate ability can revivify the teammates.

S-Tier: Cypher

Image courtesy: Wallpaper Cave

A good solo Agent must have inverse to the explosiveness, which is a good sign.


  • Spycam: This in-built ability can find the position of the opponents.
  • Cyber Cage: This an optional ability that can make the vision obscures also can drop an AOE screen and can give the signal using audio.
  • Neural Theft: This is an ultimate ability that can throw a device over a dead opponent to know the position of the rest of the members.
  • Trapwire: This is an invisible ability that can also reveal the exact enemy location.

A-Tier: Brimstone


The abilities of his are the best for Valorant. Brimstone holds a high rank because of the Sky Smoke ability.


  • Sky Smoke: points in the map itself where they want to make the vision fuzzy.
  • Incendiary: This is the optional ability. This is a bomb launcher that can make a round of fire.
  • Orbital Strike: This is the in-built ability of the gent Brimstone. Players can choose some of the ultimate ability. Players have to select a spot by this a laser can make the damage inside the rounded marked position.
  • Stim Beacon: This is again an optional ability. Both the enemies and the players can use this. This increases the rate of fire.

A-Tier: Omen

Image courtesy: Wallpaper Cave

He is the key character for the gameplay, who has some powers of Dark cover. He is very versatile and after the latest Patch, his Paranoia ability hits an update which makes it better and players can easily stop and punish the opposite team members.


  • Dark Cover: Can throw an orb to make obscures visions.
  • Paranoia: Can fire and this can go over the walls and opponents.
  • From the Shadows: Enemy team can interrupt this.
  • Shrouded Step: This optional ability can transport to a position that is marked.

A-Tier: Breach

Image courtesy:

Breach can isolate the opposite team players and holds a high rank for this in the game.


  • Fault line: This in-built ability can attack the enemies and chargeable.
  • Flashpoint: This can make some moments to recharges and make a charge over the wall.
  • Aftershock: This can make some moments to recharges and make a charge over the wall.
  • Rolling Thunder: This ability can’t damage the opponents but can knock them.

A-Tier: Phoenix

Image courtesy: UHD Wallpaper

Phoenix is an Agent who can carry potential and the best part is he can heal himself also. For cleaning a single corner his abilities like Curveball are very good and useful.


  • Hot hands: This can damage the enemies using fire.
  • Curveball: This can make the opponents and also the teammates blind.
  • Blaze: This damaging ability can create a fire wall and also can make the vision obscures.
  • Run it Back: This ultimate ability can mark the previous areas.

B-Tier: Reyna

Image courtesy: Xbox & Play Games

Reyna is the latest Agent added in Valorant, she has enough abilities to be an S-Tier Agent but you should know how you can use her in the game. For the players who want to shoot, at first sight, Reyna is best for them. She is a healing Agent.


•             Leer: It can blind the enemies by giving a flash effect.

•             Empress: To heal Reyna when she gets a kill.

•             Dismiss: Deplete the life force of a enemy who is killed to turn latent and closed for a certain time period.

•             Devour: Deplete the life force of a enemy who is killed for your own restoring.

B-Tier: Sova


Sova has the abilities which very much need the alignments of arrows, so Sage’s position in the tier list is not fixed.


  • Owl Drone: By a flying drone can shoot the opponents with an arrow with fire on it.
  • Hunter’s Fury: This can damage opponents by throwing three shots, that also can pierce the walls.
  • Shock Bolt: This ability is hit on the enemies.
  • Recon Bolt: This in-built ability can throw an arrow that can reveal the location of enemies in a particular area.

C-Tier: Jett

Image courtesy: Wallpaper Cave

Jett is a good Agent for decision-making purposes and she used to complement the other players. She has got the best movements in the game.


  • Updraft: This is the ability of floating around and float-up to heights.
  • Cloudburst: This will throw a cloud that can block the vision.
  • Bladestorm: Several knifes are there to throw to the enemies.
  • Tailwind: Scuttle in a moving direction.

C-Tier: Viper

Image courtesy: Imgur

So many things are there in Viper that makes her the most pickable Agent for the queue game, not for the solo queue.


  • Toxic screen: Can generate poison smoke by firing the wall.
  • Snake Bite: This optional ability can throw poisons that can damage the enemies.
  • Poison Cloud: This optional ability can throw poison gas that can damage the enemies.
  • Viper’s Pit: This ultimate ability can create a large sphere of poison around the players.