BanKs: “CS cheaters and match fixers who haven’t done their time yet shouldn’t be allowed to go pro in VALORANT” | VALORANT NEWS

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The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene is going through a period of great unrest and uncertainty due to a plethora of cheating and match fixing scandals and while on the surface it looks relatively self contained, it will inevitably have some effects on VALORANT.

The current VALORANT competitive scene is made up of a lot of players from different shooting-game backgrounds, CS:GO included which means there is a chance that some of the match fixers and cheaters who haven’t been caught in Counter-Strike have gone pro in VALORANT.

In an incredibly in-depth and insightful interview with THESPIKE.GG, James “BanKs” Banks explained why he doesn’t think cheaters who got away with it in CS:GO should be allowed to compete in VALORANT.

Plus, the VALORANT caster breaks down what he’d like to see at Riot’s First Strike and which direction the EU scene needs to head to in order to compete with other regions.