Ban wave by Vanguard in Valorant

The Vanguard of Valorant and VACnet of Valve debate is an old school issue. Even after the recent beta update, Valve’s anti-cheat is not fairing all that well for now. Not just the changes are criticized by some but also, they were cracked within one hour of its release. By the wide player base, the VACnet changes were heavily appreciated.

Someone feels like Valve is doing something for the cheating process in CSGO after many years. But the result is not up to the mark. It seems that the anti-cheat system of Valorant, Vanguard is doing far better than VACnet by Valve. But the approach of Vanguard is making a big issue for the gaming world.

Vanguard anticheat issues a cheater ban wave in Valorant

Just two days back, Valorant developers issued another ban wave for the cheaters and targeted to catch over 3700 cheaters this time.

It is a matter of concern that so many cheaters are caught every month. After the release of its closed beta Riot has been issued a lot of ban waves. It is quite evident that there will be some cheaters in every game, but in Valorant the number is much lesser than CSGO. Riot is very serious to maintain the fair play in their new FPS shooting game.

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In Valorant, if Vanguard caught a cheater then not only their accounts will ban permanently but also their system hardware IDs will ban simultaneously.

The Anti-CheatPD has recently tweeted about the reaction of ban waves of the cheaters and it seems like they are not at all happy.

CS:GO players pay $600 to take revenge

It is not a matter of surprise that hacking in CSGO has become worse over the years. It has reached in the pick point where pro players have been caught hacking in FACEIT secure servers. VACnet cannot detect many cheaters at a time. And it takes 6 months to ban the players after detecting them.

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Ban wave is too much slow, even if a cheater caught, they can easily just make another account to get the second run. This is the reason why players are taken it upon themselves to solve the hacking issues in CSGO. A Youtuber named ScriptKid yesterday uploaded a video where he showed how he took revenge on cheaters.

ScriptKid is popular about hacker trolling in PUBG and now he comes in CSGO. With just $600 he makes an own fake website and fake cheats, which will not help the players but will make the server a living hell for the cheaters. Till now, this is the best way to detect cheaters in CSGO game.