How to avoid getting the same maps repeatedly in Valorant

There is a simple trick that mixes up the maps in Valorant in matchmaking to protect players from getting the same map in all the games, it will help the players to get to know about all the maps present in the game.

Avoid same maps in Valorant

Since the closed beta period, there are some key adjustments in Valorant for the less favorable maps, but it is true that if you play in the same map where you can’t experience the change of different battlefield, playing with the same map for more than three or four times can make the game very frowzy and boring.

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Valorant players have been waiting for the developers to look into that matter. So that the map rotation becomes fair and always the same map doesn’t come into rotation of matchmaking so that a better chance will be there to choose a map location that is available currently and which should be in a random manner.

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Until Riot managed to give a proper fix, people have observed that there is a small method of overcoming the problem that’s reportedly being paying dividends in the time of problem detection. Alex LeX’ Deily tweeted that people can remake their lobby to not to get the same map repeatedly. This is actually a bug from the beginning of the game otherwise you should always get a new map on rotation.

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Outwardly, when in the time of matchmaking you get the same maps all the times then restarting your lobby can give you a change. Simply you can pretext from clicking ‘Start’ or queue up for the next game and leave it for some time. If you remake the lobby always with the same people those who are there before then the system always gives you the same map.

Former Call of Duty and CSGO pro said that this problem happens because you are in the lobby screen, but instead of again making queue and split for the 13 times in different matches, just remake the lobby with the same people, you should get a new map.

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This problem is there from the closed beta period, but always new people came to experience Riot’s new FPS game, the lip can offer a bit of leisure who always stuck in Haven. Though this is not a permanent fix, as there are only 4 maps in the game. But to break the monotonous cycle it is great until Riot can give any permanent fruitful fix for this problem, but this trick will help you to break the loop.