Average Jonas baits enemy team to the wrong site using Yoru’s mind games in VALORANT

VALORANT Ep2 Launch Screenshot 10A Yoru X

Team Liquid content creator Average Jonas might be best known for his Sova strats, but his Yoru doesn’t seem too far behind.

The Twitch streamer tested out VALORANT’s new duelist during his broadcast today, mind gaming the opposing team to rotate to the wrong site.

At the start of the round, Average Jonas told his team to stay on Split’s B side. The streamer then went to A site on his own with the Spike, placing down two Fakeouts. He then cast his Gatecrash through spawn before resuming his position at A.

To draw the enemy team, Jonas threw a flash out, activated both Fakeouts, and purposefully threw the Spike on the ground. All the commotion baited the enemy team to smoke and sling a molly, likely buying time for the rest of the squad to rotate. But Jonas then took his teleporter and rushed B with his team, finding the site wide open. His team went on to win the round but ultimately lose the match.

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Even though Yoru lends himself to outplays, these kinds of plays may get more difficult to execute as players get used to him.