Average Jonas’ 200 IQ Recon Bolt spots enemies inside Bind teleporter from across the map


VALORANT‘s savviest Sova main has done it again.

Twitch streamer Average Jonas, best known for his Sova lineups, shot the perfect Recon Bolt during his broadcast today. The Norwegian cast the ability from across the map and was able to spot two opponents hiding in Bind’s teleporter.

In the first round of the match, two enemies took the teleporter from A site to outside of Hookah. With the players closed in, Average Jonas shot an arrow from Hookah to the opposite side of the map. After ricocheting twice and popping into the teleporter, the Recon Bolt revealed the unsuspecting opponents.

Average Jonas and his team quickly bombarded the teleporter with pistol rounds, taking out one of the enemies through the wall. One of the streamer’s allies then took the teleporter from A site and finished off the last target huddling in their supposed safety.

Average Jonas’ teammates and Twitch chat showed their disbelief at the perfect arrow, with some claiming the streamer should be nerfed and others calling him a god.

For more clever Sova arrows, tune in to Average Jonas’ Twitch channel.