Andbox begin to lock up championship roster with POACH signing | VALORANT NEWS

Just days after their surprise win at the Renegades x NSG VALORANT Invitational, Andbox have begun to lock up the roster they used for the event, starting with the signing of Jake “POACH” Brumleve.

POACH has his background in Fortnite, where he played for over a year under the banner of Team Liquid. A storied, popular player with over $300,000 in winnings, POACH’s biggest success came when he placed third in the PAX West finals of the Fortnite Summer Skirmish in September 2018. The big placement won him $135,000 alone.

POACH has been playing VALORANT since the closed beta, making his ambition to go professional in the game known at an early stage. But he seriously struggled early on. He couldn’t lock down a team, and didn’t have great results outside of very early showmatch tournaments. He played with Cloud9 in the T1 x NSG Showdown, where they majorly disappointed, failing to even exit the group stage.

But all that has changed since POACH began playing with Andbox. He’s looked far more comfortable on the team, even supposedly taking up shotcalling duties despite not having a Counter-Strike background. Throughout the Renegades x NSG tournament, POACH played Sova and Viper. Not being relied on for fragging ability and being able to have more impact controlling the map seems to have unlocked his potential, though he’s showcased an ability to pull off great plays too.

Andbox’s surprise win last weekend sees them come in to First Strike with a lot of momentum. It’d be ludicrous for them not to sign their winning roster, and they’ve taken the first step towards that today. They’re definitely making their presence felt in the scene, and are suddenly on everyone’s radar with First Strike approaching next week.

Andbox are now:

Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker
Bradley “ANDROID” Fodor
Sebastian “seb” Bucki
Jake “POACH” Brumleve

Matt “Warden” Dickens (Coach)
Gordan “g0g1” Prošić (Assistant Coach)