Tools for community-made VALORANT maps would take “years of development to get off the ground,” Riot says

5 mins ago
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VALORANT design director Joe Ziegler discussed the future of maps in today’s Dev Diaries video, casting doubt on one fan-requested… Read More

VALORANT Game Director discusses new long-term plans on adding maps | VALORANT NEWS

Written By    Mostafeto  -  27 minutes ago Share: VALORANT originally released with only three maps, and it was quickly… Read More

2 hours ago

TSM, FaZe Clan, T1, and Immortals are the final 4 teams going to VALORANT First Strike main event

After four qualifiers, the dust has settled and the last four teams advancing to the North American VALORANT First Strike… Read More

4 hours ago

Professional VALORANT player Josh “Steel” Nissan encounters Phoenix ultimate bug in VALORANT

Professional VALORANT player Josh “Steel” Nissan highlighted a new glitch in the game today that prevents ultimate abilities from working… Read More

8 hours ago

North American First Strike set with the qualification of T1, FaZe Clan, TSM, and Immortals | VALORANT NEWS

With the conclusion of the First Strike North America - UMG Closed Qualifier, all teams are determined for the First… Read More

2 days ago

nolpenki, Prodigy, Purple Cobras, and Team Heretics round out European First Strike participants | VALORANT NEWS

This past weekend was a big one for VALORANT in many parts of the globe, with multiple regions qualifying teams… Read More

2 days ago

Imperial Esports go straight to First Strike with the signing of mix | VALORANT NEWS

Brazilian organization Imperial Esports Imperial EsportsLucas "rsT" FrancoArthur "tuyz" Andrade VieraKayke "Evilkyk" ArraisJoão Victor "Biscot1n" Vieira Melo "txddy"  are best known for their Crossfire team, though they also field… Read More

2 days ago

Rix.GG release their current roster, plan to re-enter VALORANT in the future | VALORANT NEWS

After initially entering the European VALORANT scene in July, Rix.GG Rix.GG have released their entire roster, while keeping onboard coach… Read More

2 days ago

VALORANT Tournament Realms “coming soon” for esports

Professional VALORANT teams will be able to compete on their own servers “soon.” Esports strategy manager Riley Yurk discussed the… Read More

3 days ago

First Strike in Latin America set to commence | VALORANT NEWS

The Latin American region is one of the last First Strike events to begin, and features two separate tournaments, one… Read More

4 days ago