Top 5 VALORANT teams in North America

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When VALORANT went into beta in early 2020, there was an immediate interest in the game’s competitive potential from both… Read More

THESPIKE.GG Rankings Update: October 23rd, 2020 | VALORANT NEWS

Last week, we released rankings that the community was quick to point could be vastly improved. Here’s our second-look at… Read More

6 hours ago

VALORANT players can use Cypher’s Spycam to watch B Long on Bind

Valorant NewsCypher is a solid choice for VALORANT players who want to keep track of enemy movement and not be… Read More

12 hours ago

Road to First Strike in MENA revealed with VALORANT Strike Arabia | VALORANT NEWS

We have seen multiple First Strike announcements during the past few weeks, each dedicated to a separate region, including North… Read More

18 hours ago

VALORANT players discover new elevated spot on Icebox

Valorant NewsVALORANT players have found several creative ways to use the environment to their advantage on Icebox, the latest map… Read More

1 day ago

Gen.G add Shawn12590 to the active roster, part ways with effys | VALORANT NEWS

Edited on October 23rd, 2020 at 1:30 AM CEST Gen.G Esports Gen.G EsportsAnthony "gMd" GuimondDanny "huynh" HuynhMichael "MkaeL" De LucaKeven "PLAYER1" ChampagneShawn "Shawn12590" O'Riley added Shawn "Shawn12590" O'Riley Shawn "Shawn12590" O'RileyTeam:Gen.G EsportsMaps Played:31KPR:0.82ADR:151.96 to help… Read More

1 day ago

Riot details how developers are combating smurfs in VALORANT’s ranked mode

Valorant NewsIf you’ve been playing VALORANT in the hopes of climbing up the ranked ladder, there’s a good chance you’ve… Read More

2 days ago

Team Sampi picks up cicka123 VALORANT roster | VALORANT NEWS

The European First Strike VALORANT tournaments are just around the corner, and everyone will have to go through qualifiers. That’s… Read More

2 days ago

David Beckham’s Guild Esports signs inaugural VALORANT team

Guild Esports has acquired the roster of the orgless Swedish team Bonk to be its inaugural VALORANT lineup, the organization… Read More

2 days ago

paiN Gaming complete roster with NOORG 2.0 | VALORANT NEWS

After several months of limbo, Brazilian organization paiN Gaming paiN GamingMurillo  "murizzz" TuchtenhagenPedro  "ole" OrlandiniAndré  "Txozin" SaidelVitor  "kon4n" HugoMatheus  "matheuzin" Brito have officially nailed down… Read More

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