Riot will skip VALORANT Patch 2.10 cycle to update the game’s engine, 2.11 to be deployed ‘around June 8’

2 hours ago
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VALORANT fans eagerly awaiting a new patch will have to wait a bit longer. Riot updated fans on the VALORANT… Read More

Rio Company terminate contracts of 3, left with BuZz on roster | VALORANT NEWS

Written By    generic_eric24  -  1 hour ago share on Despite being one of the most promising rosters in the… Read More

4 hours ago

VCT Masters Reykjavík format, explained

VCT Masters Reykjavík, the first international LAN tournament for VALORANT, begins on May 24. The format, bracket, and schedule have… Read More

6 hours ago

Vision Strikers captain Glow retires from VALORANT, pro play

Vision Strikers captain Kim “glow” Min-soo has announced his retirement from VALORANT at the age of 33, two weeks after… Read More

10 hours ago

VS glow announces retirement from professional VALORANT | VALORANT NEWS

Written By    hex4  -  1 hour ago share on Vision Strikers, the Korean team with over 100+ consecutive wins… Read More

12 hours ago

Version1 aim to show they belong on the international stage: Masters Reykjavík Team Previews | VALORANT NEWS

Version1 Version1Jordan "Zellsis" MontemurroErik "penny" PennyLoic "effys" SauvageauAnthony "vanity" MalaspinaMaxim "wippie" ShepelevJamal "jammyz" Bangash established their VALORANT roster early in 2021, with the team being formed out of what some considered "CSGO… Read More

1 day ago

Masters Reykjavík details emerge | VALORANT NEWS

Written By    hex4  -  1 hour ago share on Riot Games has published further details in relation to the… Read More

1 day ago

Riot dev confirms option for VALORANT 5-stacks to play together is in the works

A long-awaited feature may finally be coming to VALORANT. A Rioter responded to a tweet from Shroud today, confirming the… Read More

2 days ago

Riot unveils VCT Masters Reykjavík rulebook with $600K prize pool and bracket

Riot Games has finally revealed the VALORANT Champions Tour Masters Reykjavík rulebook, prize pool, and tournament structure today. The top… Read More

2 days ago

Relyks’ VALORANT settings: Keybinds, sensitivity, and crosshair

Skyler “Relyks” Weaver is a professional VALORANT player who most recently spent nearly a year playing for Cloud9. Prior to… Read More

2 days ago