Skye joins the VALORANT accord: hailing from Australia, the initiator brings a hybrid approach to any team composition. Skye offers immense value on both Attack and Defense, as well as providing another agent with the ability to gather information in relative safety. In this edition of Agents of VALORANT, we will go through Skye’s abilities, and how they can give you the advantage in any fight.

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Regrowth (C)

Skye’s first ability is regrowth, a powerful healing ability that heals in an AoE around her to any allies in range and line of sight. While Skye is unable to heal herself, Regrowth offers the perfect tool to help her teammates who took a lackluster early exchange. When Skye has depleted her healing pool, she is no longer able to use Regrowth. Skye’s unique heal offers a different look to the game, especially on the offensive side, lending a possibility of recovery despite early damage from something such as a Sova shock dart.

Trailblazer (Q)

Skye’s second basic ability is one of the most interesting in the game, and lends itself to Skye’s excellent information gathering. Skye can summon, and control, a Tasmanian Tiger, which can, when in range, concuss and damage enemies hit. The tiger is damageable, so you need to be careful in finding the proper opportunity to turn a fight in your team’s favor. One of the strongest use cases for Trailblazer is catching enemies charging onto a site and combining Trailblazer with something such as Omen’s Paranoia or Cypher’s cage, in order to give your enemies no time to react.

Guiding Light (E)

Skye’s signature ability is perhaps her most interesting: Guiding Light. Skye equips a Hawk trinket, which she activates to fire a hawk, which she controls, before re-using Guiding Light to cause the hawk to erupt into a flashbang, with a confirmation for Skye if she hits an enemy. Guiding Light offers some of the best counter-initiation in the game, one where Skye can both gather information and begin a fight in one fell-swoop. Guiding Light has incredible potential, especially in early round choke points, such as B Halls on Ascent.

Seekers (X)

Skye’s ultimate ability is Seekers, she equips her strongest trinket, a Seeker trinket, which she uses to send out three Seekers that track down the three closest enemies. If the Seeker makes it to an enemy they near sight the enemy (similar to Omen Paranoia), giving Skye all the advantage she could need to take a site, or stop a push. Seekers not only offer exceptional utility, but also provide information, as you follow your Seekers onto the fight, exposing where those pesky defenders might be. Seekers offers incredible value on both sides of the match, and provide a setup for Trailblazer’s AoE concussion, especially if you happen upon an unfortunately (for them) clumped up enemy team.

Skye seems to be a hybrid, an initiator with the strongest healing ability in the same, one that completely eclipses Sage. Do you think Skye will carve out a spot in the meta, and will become a must pick agent, similarly to Sage during the closed beta? Let us know what you think of VALORANT’s new Australian initiator.