Killjoy is the most recent addition to VALORANT, a Sentinel role hero hailing from Germany who provides some of the strongest zone control in the entire game. While Killjoy offers value on both sides of the match, her abilities lend themselves to the attacking side of the game, especially after the bomb is planted. In this edition of Agents of VALORANT, I will break down Killjoy’s abilities so you can lock down a bombsite in a swarm of technology.

Killjoy in VALORANT ©Riot Games
Killjoy in VALORANT ©Riot Games

Nanoswarm (C)

The first of Killjoy’s abilities is her Nanostorm grenade. This ability works as a ground effect, similar to Brimstone’s Molly, except you can control when it activates. After you throw the grenade it goes into “covert move” making it nearly impossible to see, and if placed properly, you can nearly hide it in the model of the spike while it is planted. The Nanoswarm does 15 damage every 0.25 seconds for a total of 270 damage over 4.5 seconds, making it extremely effective in post-plant scenarios to deny a defuse. It’s worth noting that Nanoswarm can kill someone from full health, and if used correctly can lock down narrow corridors on both offense and defense.

AlarmBot (Q)

Killjoy’s second ability is one that fills a more defensive position, whether on the defensive side of the map, watching flanks, or even during a post-plant scenario. Killjoy throws down an AlarmBot that will chase players that walk into its range, similar to a boombot from Raze, except only when activated by proximity. If the bot manages to explode on its target, it applies Vulnerable, increasing the damage that target takes. Killjoy also has the ability to recall the AlarmBot if she wishes, similar to Cypher and his tripwires or camera. While this ability is a rather basic one, it does allow Killjoy to have excellent control of flanks and narrow hallways, most usefully in a post-plant scenario, where she excels across the board.

Turret (E)

Killjoy’s signature ability is another defensively-minded ability, her turret. The ability is simple: Killjoy can place a turret down which works on line of sight, shooting anything in an 180 degree cone in front of the turret. The turret has 125 health and does 11 damage to whatever it is shooting per shot. Killjoy has the ability to recall the turret the same way as her AlarmBot, to reposition it throughout the round. The turret has been one of Killjoy’s most talked about abilities, similar to her previous two abilities it excels at locking down tight corridors and providing information on incoming enemies. One of the most effective uses of the turret is in a post-plant scenario, providing continuous information about where the enemy is coming from to better prepare your teams defenses. While many worried that the turret’s damage would be too high, it’s moderate damage means it acts much more like a better AlarmBot than a weapon to seek out kills with.

Lockdown (X)

Last but not least is Killjoy’s ultimate, which many have called the strongest ability in all of VALORANT, Lockdown. Lockdown is a device that is planted on the ground which explodes after 15 seconds, detaining all enemies in its absolutely gargantuan range. When we mentioned that Killjoy excels on attack, getting your team onto the site, and then controlling it after the spike is planted, her ultimate allows her to do that nearly effortlessly. The device can be killed by enemies so be sure to protect it, but the range on it makes it so that you could activate it on the very outskirts of the bombsite, comfortably in attacking possession, and then move in after to take over the site. While her ultimate is non-lethal, it still provides some of the strongest zone control in VALORANT, and has made Killjoy an instant-inclusion in numerous teams at any level.

Killjoy has become one of the most useful and strongest agents in VALORANT since her release, from casual all the way to professional play. What do you think, is Killjoy too strong? Does she need nerfs? Would you change the way that Killjoy interacts with the game, or maps? Let us know your thoughts on Killjoy, and keep an eye out for more run downs about the various agents of VALORANT.