Acend upset NiP, Guild defeat Dfuse to set up European Masters semifinals | VALORANT NEWS

Acend actually went with Viper on both maps, Bind and Icebox. Santeri “BONECOLD” Sassi had a huge 381 ACS, 1.82 Rating performance on Icebox with the pick, leading the team to a dominant 13-4 win, while Vladyslav  “kiles” Shvets piloted it comfortably on Bind as well. That map was closer, 13-9, but Acend got contributions from every player to take the win.

Acend will play FunPlus Phoenix in the second semifinal tomorrow.

Guild continue their drawn-out run with victory over DfuseTeam

It’s been an excruciating Masters run for Guild so far. Every series has gone to 3 games, with a few lasting for 4+ hours. This was another one of those incredibly close games, but they eventually managed to fight off DfuseTeam and advance to a semifinal date with Team Heretics.

While there were no real unorthodox agent picks this time around, we still saw great gameplay. Guild’s pick of Split was taken by Dfuse, in a very close 13-11 series, but they stormed back on Ascent, winning 13-6. Haven was last up, and turned out to be an incredibly exciting showdown.

The first half ended 6-6, and Dfuse then began to stretch out a lead. With their opponent’s score at 11, Guild secured 5 straight rounds to take the 13-11 win.