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First Strike Japan Regional Final is perhaps the most interesting of any global First Strike event as we move towards the exciting proposition of international VALORANT. Here’s a look at the thrills and spills of First Strike Japan as Absolute JUPITER


The quarter finals opened with a one-sided stomp, as REJECT

© esports_RAGE (Twitter)
© esports_RAGE (Twitter)

The second set of quarter finals opened with the tournament favorites, and the top team in Japan, Absolute JUPITER


First Strike in Japan had followed the chalk thus far and that didn’t change as we moved into the semi finals. Absolute JUPITER dismantled DetonatioN Gaming 2-0, 13-9, 14-12. While the matches ended relatively close Kouji “Laz” Ushida and Reita were simply unplayable for Detonation Gaming. Absolute JUPITER will wait for BlackBird Ignis in the grand final, after BlackBird Ignis edged past REJECT 15-13, 13-11 in what was far and away the biggest upset of the tournament. Most impressively was Souta “popogachi” Morita who put in one of the performances of the tournament on Haven, going 24/15/15 with 180 ADR and a strong 304 ACS. BlackBird Ignis were the surprise of the tournament as they moved onto the grand final.

© esports_RAGE (Twitter)
© esports_RAGE (Twitter)


If you thought that Absolute JUPITER were dominant earlier in the tournament the grand final was simply a one-sided smash job. Absolute JUPITER took the title 3-0, 13-1, 13-3, 14-12. Blackbird Ignis didn’t show any signs of life until the third map, where an excellent performance from Masayuki “oitaN” Takahashi was enough to take the map to overtime, but not enough to take a mapwin. Laz was absolutely unplayable across the grand final, putting up 284 ACS, a 2.46 ADR and 64 kills. Absolute Jupiter are the class of the field in Japan, and seem to be absolutely on the war path to completely run the region for the foreseeable future. The real competition for Absolute JUPITER is likely to come from Korea, with Vision Strikers

First Strike Japan Regional Final




Best of 5

December 6, 2020


The Final Standings for First Strike Japan Regional Finals:

1. Absolute JUPITER – ¥3,000,000
2. Blackbird Ignis – ¥1,000,000
3. REJECT – ¥400,000
4. DetonatioN Gaming – ¥200,000
5-8. Crazy Raccoon – ¥100,000
5-8. SCARZ – ¥100,000
5-8. FAV Gaming – ¥100,000
5-8. Sengoku Gaming – ¥100,000