5 features that Valorant needs

After the closed beta, the full of Valorant is done by Riot on June 2. Riot is trying his best to make this game as enjoyable as possible for the Valorant fans throughout the beta period, but some features are there that players want in this game to make the experience of Valorant better than ever.

Rated solo queue

The competitive ranking mode in Valorant is a continuous request by the players in closed beta also. Some community members want to introduce a solo queue in Valorant, but the developers are not ready to introduce it as the things that the ranking system is not good enough for various reasons.

Picture Courtesy – Riot Games

Especially in First-person shooting games, there are fewer ways to queue up and win the match against solos. In League of Legends solo queue is a big success for the team. Maybe, it is the perfect time for Riot to add this by breaking new ground in the FPS stream.

While playing in a team will indicate the player’s skill then ranking system and competitive mode and 5v5 coordinate play can also elate one’s playing skill. But the 5v5 pairing technique is not working yet.

It may be happening, that a separate single queue should be added for them those who want to play as a single member and another flex queue should be there for those who want to team up. In League of Legends this worked so well so maybe in Valorant also it will be fruitful for everyone.

Clash Style Tournaments

The best feature in League of Legends that was added in the past recent years is Clash.  The in-game tournament system shrinks to a powerful start. Also, monthly tournaments, reward systems, ranking systems, many prizes are there and this makes the game filled will hell lot of excitement and enjoyment.

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Valorant has a chance to gain the advantage from the market in their real players. Services like ESEA and FACEIT in CS: GO is nothing valuable. Riot can add prizes like batches, banners, weapon skins, special unlocking agent system for the dedicated players, those who want to play and also win.

In the Clash system, players with the same rank division system were there for competition. But smurfing may create a problem, some ways are there to the interior with this problem. Ranked system and Authentication by SMS worked for games like leagues.

This may be on a monthly or yearly basis. But it was added, it would make the Valorant game better one for the players and they can enjoy the game with some rewards and competition.

Economy updating

The way the economy halt, it can get frowzy quickly. For a kill, every skin weapon will offer you 200 creds. CS: GO is different from it, there earning money alters from $100 to $1,500 depending upon which weapon you did use.

Picture Courtesy – Riot Games

A deeper layer of economic strategy is there in CS: GO which also gives players a path for coming back if the economy they have gets shot. Using SMGs and shotguns you can make the money into a double as these give $900 for a kill.

Valorant also needs this. Very few reasons are there to choose guns which are cheaper in price. Also, often half-buy will be punished in higher ranks. If the anti-Ecos will be more stimulant in Valorant, which can change the creds with weapons, then there will be a balance in the economy.

Replay system

The demo gameplay of you can be seen if you record it by yourself. There is a lot of things left wished for from Valorant.

Picture Courtesy – Riot Games

 Adding a replay system to the game will help the players by scouring in forward and backward. Players can see the post matches. On beta launch, Valorant had a specting feature which is remarkable. But it’s not so easy to use for the players. No time controls were there so it became very difficult for the players to go back to watch the replays.

We know that a replay system will be added to Valorant soon not just only for spectating but also for a driver ban system of CS: GO players. The earlier it will be added, the better.

FFA Deathmatch

Now in Valorant there is only one game mode. That is the practice mode for the players for improving their aims. PvP game mode is Spike Defuse.

Picture Courtesy – Riot Games

The developers stated that Deathmatch mode is coming soon but there is no such official information about it. FFA also adds many things like the ranking system that will appear in your gaming profile, headshots, pistols. FFA Deathmatch mode will make Valorant different from any other game.

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