100 Thieves Valorant Tournament Final Placement

100 Thieves Valorant tournament has wrapped up for the Equality Valorant tournament, and Sentinels came on the top position after fighting against Together We Are Terrific in the Grand Final.

100 Thieves Valorant tournament Final

On July 8 the tournament of 100 Thieves was the effort as part of their Gamers for Equality charity initiative, in this popular new eSports FPS game many new face and teams spotted. After a severe group stage where four teams advance to knockout bracket, Sentinels took down Together We Are Terrific in the Final round 2-1, wining 13-5 and 13-2 sandwiched between a 9-13 loss.

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In the semi-finals champions easily get through Gen.G, winning 13-4, and the runner up team also beat Immortals by 13-6.

100 Thieves Valorant Tournament final placements

1Sentinelssinatraa, ShahZam, zombs, SicK_cs, dapr
2Together We Are TerrificaKisSC, c4lypso_, GOFNS, mummyAyTv, kabooseCS
3/4Immortalsbjorlulu, thi9f, Koler1337, genghstam, asunaweeb
3/4Gen.Gmkaelcs, HUYNH_CS, PLAYERR, effysgo, gmdcs
5/8Cloud9TenZ, Relyks, viceCSGO, mitchtv, shinobi_cs
5/8Mixupaproto, stellarjm, fiziqcCS, HoppinAround, Phantom
5/8100 ThievesVegas, Venerated, Valliate, YaboiDre, pridexd
5/8TSMreltuC, Myth, WARDELL, Subroza, drone

Timing of 100 Thieves Valorant tournament

In the three-part competitive series 100 Thieves Valorant tournament was in the second position. After on week of League of Legends on July 1, Valorant bracket happened after one week on July 8. Timing: 10:00 Am (PT) / 1:00 PM (ET) / 6:00 PM (BST) on July 8.

How to watch

On CashApp channel the livestream of the tournament streamed, with Alex ‘Goldenboy’ Mendez, Chris Puckett, and Lauren ‘Pansy’ Scott in the broadcast desk.

Link to the STREAM

Bracket and standings of 100T

In official BoomTV event page the scores, full live standings, bracket are there, and also the things are getting updated after results.


Eight teams are there, 100 Thieves, TSM, Gen.G, Mixup, Sentinels, Together We are terrific, 100T were joined in the bracket by Cloud9.