100 Thieves Asuna reaches top 2 spots on NA VALORANT leaderboard

VALORANT phx jett brand scaled

Professional VALORANT player Asuna has gotten both of his accounts to the top two spots on the NA leaderboards. 

The VALORANT leaderboards are an excellent way to see who’s dominating the ranked playlist in each region. Professional players and streamers mostly fill the top spots, and the ranks are continuously moving. 

Asuna, a professional player for 100 Thieves, reached the top two spots on the NA leaderboard with both of his accounts. Most players can only imagine getting one account to the top, let alone two separate accounts. 

Radiant players cannot queue with a full team, which means the best players can only join matches with one friend. This ensures players are not overwhelming opponents with a fully stacked team and making it more difficult for players to climb the leaderboard. 

Asuna had consistent help from other talented players, and he thanked them for their support after he shared his accomplishment. 

He joined 100 Thieves in October after spending time on the Immortals roster. He helped the team win First Strike: North America and is a talented player in professional settings and ranked games. 

One of the accounts has dropped to third place on the leaderboard, but maintaining the top two positions for a short time is still an incredible achievement. Both of Asuna’s accounts are still ahead of other notable players, including Sinatraa, NV food, NV crashies, and FaZe Marved.